Homeowner Quick Guide


Management Company

FirstService Residential
Suite 700 – 200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

Office Number & After-Hours Emergencies 1.855.273.1967

Our Strata Agent: Dave Olafsson

Regular office hours: Our office is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  After these regular hours, the same telephone number is answered by a Telephone Answering Machine that enables you to leave a message or, in case of emergency, provides you with the emergency # of the Answering Service.  Please note that emergencies include fires, broken water pipes, stuck garage doors and other such general community situations.  The 24-hour answering service in not available for general inquiries concerning accounts, council policies and other matters which would normally constitute regular administration.


Owners should contact FirstService Residential and report deficiencies within 7 days of services being performed. This will give the strata agent an opportunity to follow-up with the service provider in a timely manner and seek appropriate remedies.

NOTE:  Break and enter and/or vandalism to your automobiles or units should be reported to the police department.


Access Information for Cable, Electrical,
and Telephone Junction Rooms

To assist with the efficient delivery of service, please ensure your service provider is aware of the following information:

1. Retrieve & replace the master key for the electrical rooms from the lock box on the electrical room behind unit # 11 at 688 Citadel Drive. This electrical room is the main room for the telephone lines leading in from the junction box on the street. The lines are fed from this room to the other six satellite rooms scattered throughout the complex.

2. You might want to print off a copy of the site plan for the service provider, so that he can find the appropriate satellite room. He can return the map to you after completing the work.

3. The vehicle gate access code is the same for both 678 and 688 Citadel Drive. The code is on the Site Plan which can be found in the secure section of the website under 'Documents'. For those owners in 678, you can give your service provider the vehicle gate access code, as they will need to enter 688 to gain access to the lock box behind unit # 11.


Amenity Building

Rental arrangements can be made by contacting Noella Neale (unit #114).  Please refer to the bylaws for additional information. For more info, please see our detailed Amenity Building page.


Garage Doors

Owners should have their garage door serviced at least every two years, unless they are oiling and lubing the door themselves. A garage door is like any other appliance within a strata lot and is in need of regular attention and maintenance.


Garbage, Recycling and Green Waste Services

Recycling (Blue Cart): Bi-weekly collection
Garbage Collection (Grey Cart): Bi-weekly collection
Green Waste (Green Cart): 
Weekly collection
Green Bins are for food waste and food soiled paper only. Please do not place regular garbage, animal feces, renovation materials, metal foil or recyclables in the bin.

We are zone 5. The collection schedule is available for download at the City of Port Coquitlam website and can also be found on our Calendar.

City of Port Coquitlam collection schedule and smartphone app.


Landscape Maintenance: Thursday, weekly

The lawns, flower beds and shrubs are maintained every Thursday.  Lawns will not be cut if littered with debris, patio furniture, children’s toys or pet poop.  Please see attached notices regarding our Landscaping and Gardener’s Stake Program.

For more detailed information check out our Gardeners page.


Mail Delivery

Delivery time varies according to the Canada Post Schedule.  Please pick up your mail daily as a deterrent to mail theft.  If away, make arrangements with family or friends to pick up your mail, or arrange for a stop delivery with Canada Post.

If you have received someone else’s mail, please do not leave the mail on top of our mail boxes, particularly people’s bank statements.  You can return the mail to the Canada Post sorting station (1628 Industrial Ave, Port Coquitlam) or to the postal outlet at People’s Drug Mart (# 29, 2529 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam) or you may deposit in a curbside mail box for redelivery.


Owners Requesting Permission to Alter the Strata Unit or Common Property (e.g. Install Screen Doors, Awnings, Air-conditioning Units or Satellite Dishes)

Modifications to the Strata Lot or installation of items on Common or Limited Common property require prior approval of Council.  In some cases, building permits are required (ie. Renovations changing electrical, plumbing, interior wall modifications).

Please be informed that a letter must be submitted in writing to FirstService Residential and your request will be discussed at the upcoming council meeting.  No requests will be approved between council meetings.  Contact the strata agent to obtain an application package.  Return the completed application and your letter requesting permission to alter the strata lot to FirstService Residential and the strata agent will add your correspondence to the next strata council meeting agenda for consideration.

For more detailed information check out our Standards page.



Owners are allowed ONE dog or ONE cat, which must be kept on leash within the complex.  Owners must clean up after their pets and your pet must be registered with the Strata Agent.  Refer to the bylaws for additional information.


Speed Limit

The speed limit is posted throughout the complex. 


Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is restricted to visitors only and not your personal vehicles. No Parking is permitted on the road which is a Fire Lane. Any vehicle not complying with the bylaw will be fined or towed.  You can park a vehicle on the apron in front of your garage provided it can be done so without damaging the building or landscaping and is parked completely clear of the roadway (firelane).

Each unit has been issued two visitor parking passes. Every owner must ensure their visitors display a visitor parking pass on the vehicle’s dashboard. Cars without a displayed visitor parking pass will be towed away at the owner’s expense. A parking pass replacement can be issued in case one is lost for a cost of $25 each.


Water Restrictions

Starting in 2011, residential lawn sprinkling hours are restricted to 4:00am to 9:00am That’s when the least amount of water used on lawns will evaporate. These restrictions are in place from June 1 to September 30.

addresses may sprinkle lawns 4:00am to 9:00am Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Please note that all units within 678 and 688 Citadel Pointe are considered “even numbered”.