Gates and Enter Phone

Please be advised that the gates and enter phone panels at 678 and 688 are operational. Lights have recently been installed above each panel to ensure guests or service providers can read the listings during evening hours.

The vehicle gates will be programmed to stay open during the following hours:


6:00am - 9:00am

4:00pm - 7:00pm



8:00am - 8:00pm

These selective openings will reduce the amount of use on the gates and ensure ease of entering and exiting during the busy times of the day. 

We ask that you advise your guest and family members to be cautious when approaching the gate to ensure no accidents happen.

You will be required to use your keyless remote control or the entry phone panel to access the complex other than the times noted above.

To provide access to the complex from the enter phone which is located at the front entrance gates, please press the digit 6 on your home telephone (not your cell phone) to open the car gates and the digit 9 to open the man gates.  If you do not want to allow entry, you can disengage from the caller by pressing the digit 3 or hang up.

To add or change the telephone contact number for the entry phone system please contact Henry Amaral at henryamaral@shaw.ca or 604-767-4989, or Mr. Lindsey Neville, Strata Agent, FirstService Residential at 604-684-6291.

Provide the following information;

  • unit number
  • current access number for the entry phone
  • your name as you want it to appear on the list at the gate
  • and the telephone number you would like the entry phone system to call when you have a visitor.

People who wish to have additional remotes programmed to operate the gate should contact Henry Amaral directly. Purchasing remotes that are compatible with the gate entry system has been problematic and many owners have purchased units that do not work with our system. To resolve this problem your Council has purchased a number of 3-button mini remotes and 2-button car visor remotes that are compatible and offer these to owners at cost ($40 to $50); contact Henry if you are interested.