Snow Removal & De-icing Policy

Unit #1 will coordinate snow removal and de-icing application with our service
provider, Parker Home Maintenance (PHM).


  • Ensure that your vehicles are not protruding into the fire lane. Park in the garage, or all four wheels on the garage apron, or on Citadel Drive.
  • If you need to exit the complex by a specific time, then you may want to
    park on the street as we cannot guarantee the exact time for snow
  • Remove snow from your garage apron, sidewalk and steps.


  • Snowfall forecasts, will advise PHM to come out when snow depth
    reaches 2 inches or greater. The fire lanes will be cleared. The sidewalk
    along Citadel Drive will also be cleared.
  • Forecasted icy conditions will trigger a call to PHM to apply product on our fire lanes.

DE-ICING PRODUCT - Orange "Home Depot" Containers

  • De-Ice buckets (5 galleon pails with handles & lids) have been filled and
    placed through out 678 and 688. PHM will top up the buckets when called out to service our complex.
  • Owners are encouraged to use the product if concerned about walking or driving on the fire lanes. Everyone is responsible for distributing the ice melt.
  • Please advise council if a container needs to be filled.