Snow Removal & De-icing Policy

Strata will coordinate snow removal and de-icing application with our service


  • Ensure that your vehicles are not protruding into the fire lane. Park in the garage, or all four wheels on the garage apron, or on Citadel Drive.
  • If you need to exit the complex by a specific time, then you may want to
    park on the street as we cannot guarantee the exact time for snow
  • Remove snow from your garage apron, sidewalk and steps.



  • Strata will dispatch our service provider should the forecast and snowfall reach 2 inches or greater. The contractor will clear all roadways and the sidewalk along Citadel Drive.
  • Forecasted icy conditions will also trigger a call to our provider to apply deicing product on our fire lanes and Citadel Drive sidewalks.


DE-ICING PRODUCT - Orange "Home Depot" Containers

  • De-Ice buckets are placed through out 678 and 688 for owners to use if required. The de-ice product should only be used on roadways and not your garage aprons and sidewalks as this could harm the concrete aggregate surfaces. Out contractor will top up the buckets as required when they are onsite.
  • Owners are encouraged to use the product if concerned about walking or driving on the fire lanes. Everyone is responsible for distributing the ice melt around their units if necessary and between visits from our contractor.
  • Please advise council if a container needs to be filled.