Special Notice RE: 24 Hour Emergency Services for VCS

Clients using Telus Anonymous Call Blocking feature must deactivate this service (*87) to receive return calls from FirstService Residential after hours.

Please note that we will take no action on any emergency unless we have talked first to the person placing the call. If you have placed an emergency call, please keep the phone line clear so that VCS can return your call promptly.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SERVICE IS FOR BULDING EMERGENCEIES ONLY: IT IS NOT FOR PERSONAL EMERGENCES. Personal emergencies include lost building or suite access devices (i.e., keys, fobs, IRTs, garage remotes) access to relatives’ apartments, inquiries about account balances, “someone parked in my stall”, neighbours are having a loud party, neighbours’ security alarm is going off and similar situations. We are also unable to provide assistance on calls such as “I saw a strange person enter the garage…” Suspicious activity and loud parties should be reported to the police. Break and enter and/or vandalism to your automobiles or suites should be reported to the police department.

Please feel free to report floods, broken water lines, fires, fire alarms, stuck elevators, garage gates not working and other similar building/property issues requiring immediate attention.

The 24 Hour answering service is not available for general inquires concerning accounts, council policies and other matters which are regular administration items.