Junk Mail

We cannot place a garbage can by the mail box to deposit the junk mail and flyers, as we do not have a volunteer willing to take on the responsibility of looking after it. Owners should not leave their junk mail and flyers on top of the mailbox as this is littering and ends up blowing around the complex in winds. Please take it home and place in your recycling bin.

If you would like to stop receiving junk mail please take a look at the following web site and register:

The Red Dot Campaign is a privately funded social marketing venture. Paper is precious. Vast amounts of trees, electricity, water and fossil fuels are used in the production and distribution of paper-based advertising. And yet the industry standard is a 2% response rate! That means 98% of these resources are wasted! We say its time advertisers join the 21st century and adopt data-driven print technologies, electronic communications and social marketing. The Red Dot Community will help inspire this change.