Mail Theft Prevention

Periodically we have experienced thefts from our mailboxes and it is a problem in our area. Canada Post offers the following suggestions to minimize the opportunities for mail theft:

  • Pick up your mail as soon as possible after it's been delivered
  • If you're planning a holiday, have someone pick up your mail on a daily basis or take advantage of Canada Post's Hold Mail service. For a small fee, Canada Post will keep your mail at the delivery office while you're away and deliver it upon your return.
  • If you receive mail that's not yours, please don't leave it in an unprotected area (ie. On top of the mailboxes). If the mail has been delivered incorrectly, please write, "delivered to wrong address" on the front of the envelope. If addressed to someone not living at your address, write "not at this address." In either case, deposit the mail into a street mailbox.
    (Please do not leave improperly delivered mail on top of our mail boxes, particularly people's bank statements. You can return to Canada Post sorting station off Broadway, or deposit in a mail box for redelivery.)
  • If you see suspicious activity around our mailboxes, call police at 911.
    If you see that a mailbox has been vandalized, please inform Council or First Service Residential property manager.