Common Rules



All overnight visitor parking requires a parking permit displayed on the vehicle dashboard.  Guests are not allowed to use the visitor parking for more than 3 consecutive nights without prior approval from the strata corporation.


Amenity Building

Council collect $150.00 deposit for the use of the Amenity Building and if no damage then $100 will be refunded and $50.00 will go into general revenue as rental fee.


Holiday Lights

Penetrating the exterior stucco with nails or screws can cause damage to the building envelope, therefore holiday lights can only be installed along the wood fascia of the building and on common property trees.  Nails or screws should be less than ½” in length.  Dark clips are recommended for the light strings.  Lights can be installed between November 15th and January 31st.   Owners are reminded to stay off the roof and gutters.


Snow Removal

Owners are responsible for the control of ice and snow on the sidewalks, patios and garage apron.  De-icing compound that isn't salt based is recommended.  De-icing salt is not permitted for use on the exposed aggregate surface of the sidewalk and steps, as it causes the concrete to prematurely fail.   


Speed Limit               

Maximum speed throughout Citadel Pointe (678 / 688 Citadel Drive) is 15 km/hr.


Exterior Appearance               

An owner, tenant or visitor may place planters on ground level patios, front walkways & driveway aprons but only as long as any such planters:

  • do not block access to the strata lot
  • are intended for garden plants only
  • and the plants therein are maintained
  • are of a reasonable quantity that maintains a good street appeal without clutter.

An owner is responsible for ensuring that any neglected or dead plants, or broken or damaged planters, are immediately removed from the ground level patios, front walkways & driveway aprons, failing which the strata corporation may do so at the owner's expense.