Vinyl Sundecks

Believe it or not, spring is here and everyone is anxious to clean up their patios, decks and container gardens.  We would like to pass along the cleaning recommendations which the builder provided to all the original owners.

The vinyl surface should be cleaned on a regular basis.  Use a mild soap and water solution (most detergents you use on your kitchen floor will do).  You can also use the product “30 Seconds” or “Olympic Deck Cleaner”.  In the case of heavily built up dirt, use a stiff, bristle brush and scrub in a circular motion.  This will loosen the dirt at the bottom of the “pebble” pattern which can be rinsed off with clear water.


  • Any solution used to clean your vinyl sundeck surface should only be applied briefly.  Test it first on a piece of scrap vinyl to be sure it will not remove the color or otherwise affect the membrane.  Most importantly, rinse thoroughly with water to ensure all residue is removed.
  • Never use turpentine, solvents or other unnamed chemicals to clean your deck.
  • Never let vegetable matter (like leaves) lay on the deck surface for long periods of time, as the stains can be very difficult to remove.