Our Gardeners

The Landscape Committee of Citadel Pointe (LMS 3766) would like to take this opportunity to inform the owners about our gardeners.  Nathan McKinnon and his team at Project Lawns are on site early every Thursday morning.  Services rendered throughout the year are as follows:



  • Lawn mowing throughout the growing season – weekly (April-Oct)
  • Weeding and general flowerbed clean up – weekly (rotating throughout complex)
  • Clean up sidewalks and driveways of all debris – weekly
  • Leaf clean-up and removal – weekly


  • Power edging sidewalks– bi-monthly
  • Power edging garden beds – annual
  • Pruning shrubs & hedges – annual (for most plantings in the back yards and as needed and seasonally appropriate for plantings along the boulevard and front yards)
  • Tree pruning – annual (Fall/Winter)


  • Four balanced lawn fertilizer applications throughout the season.
  • Fertilizer application to all trees and plant material – annual (Spring)
  • Application of Dolopril lime – annual (March)
  • Moss control treatment – annual (Spring)
  • Pesticide lawn weed control, signs posted in advance – annual (due to wet spring/early summer will be done in July)


  • Lawn aeration – annual (March)
  • Lawn over seeding with top quality grass seed – annual (Spring)


Your Help

In preparing for the weekly arrival of these dedicated professional gardeners is greatly appreciated.  In that regard, we would ask that you check on the following items which will help them complete their work in a more efficient manner.

  • They can’t cut your yard if the pet poop isn't scooped.
  • Remove your hoses, sprinklers, furniture, toys and containers from the grassed yard areas.
  • Do not throw your garden trash from the deck onto the yard.  Place your trimmings in a clear plastic bag, curb side on your garage apron and Project Lawns will pick up and dispose, at no charge to you.
  • Do not plant flowers within one foot of the grassed edge and the boxwood shrubs to ensure the trimmers don’t cut them down. 

Please keep the upper guest parking lot in 688 and the lower guest parking lot in 678 open for Project Lawns’ truck and equipment trailer.  Those of you in 678 are encouraged to use the larger parking lot adjacent to unit 90. 


Gardener's Stake Program

Due to the layout of Citadel Pointe, every owner/resident has plant beds at the front and back of each unit.  There are 120 units in Citadel Pointe.  To provide each resident with the level of service that they expect, we have instituted a “Gardener’s Stake Program”.  This program allows each resident to decide whether or not to maintain their own plant beds.

The “Stake Program” incorporates the use of a wooden stake which is placed in a strategic location in the plant bed.  The visible stake flags the bed as an owner responsibility and the gardeners will NOT TOUCH the plant bed.  The gardeners will only provide regular lawn maintenance to that particular unit.  Herbicides cannot be applied if a resident has planted bulbs, annuals or perennials.  You will be responsible for weeding and ensuring that your beds are maintained to the same standard of care as that established by our gardeners.

If you do not wish to participate in the “Stake Program”, the gardeners will maintain all aspects of your lawn and plant bed care.  In that regard, herbicides will be applied to prevent weed growth.  All herbicide applications are posted in advance and all safety precautions are taken.


A Note About Container Gardening


  • Ensure that all pots are raised from the decks on mobile trays or fixed platforms.  Establishing an air space between the deck and the garden containers will prevent any compromise to the vinyl deck covering.


  • Ensure that pots are not placed on the lawns.  This provides the gardeners with unimpeded access to the lawns and facilitates more efficient cutting and trimming.