Pressure Reducing Valve

As our units get older some mechanical parts are starting to wear out and will need replacing. A trend that some unit owners in Citadel Pointe have noticed, is the failure of a valve in the water system known as the pressure reducing valve.

The valve (similar to the one pictured) is located on the main water pipe entering the unit, immediately after the main shut off valve.

Some signs that this unit may have failed include:Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Sudden failure of hot water tank parts such as
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Backflow preventor
  • When a tap is turned on, the water flows fast for the first couple of seconds then slows down
  • Fridge valve for the ice maker has become extremely noisy when filling
  • Pressure in the shower is higher or lower than has been in the past

If any of these symptoms have occurred in your unit, it is strongly recommended that you contact a qualified plumber immediately and have the pressure in your unit checked. It should be around 40-60 psi. If it is any higher, then the valve will need to be replaced or serous damage can happen to the hot water tank and other components of the water system in the unit.

Replacement cost including parts should not exceed $400.00 from a reputable plumber.

A reminder that this component is not covered by the Strata Corporation and is the individual unit owner’s responsibility.

PS. Don’t forget to turn off your outside tap valves for the winter.